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Accelerate is a majority female owned organisation, helping businesses
embrace diversity of thought to help unlock their full potential.

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Women in business

The world is changing – we hope for the better – with people more connected than ever before and ready to accept diversity and different points of view.

And with this comes many benefits: smarter ideas and solutions created by people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Authentic advocates for women in business

Being a majority female owned organisation gives us a unique view in the consulting world and creates conversations that go beyond facts and data with a more human touch.

We are authentic advocates for women in business and supporting other women in business. We walk the talk, and here’s how:

  • We support mentoring programmes for Women in Procurement and Women in Leadership, including 30% Club, a formal mentoring program that we are involved in as mentors.
  • We are one of the founding brands for GenM, the menopause partner for brands who’s mission is to improve the menopause experience for all.
  • We believe that women often face this challenge at the peak of their careers, frequently without support and awareness. We are passionate about inspiring good business practice to help keep women in the workplace: we believe that the menopause should be given the same level of importance as parenting and other D&I issues. We believe this deserves to be more than just policy: we work to help brands to recognise there is currently a very large group within the workplace with unmet needs.
  • We head up a small support group outside of GenM, which takes a “bookclub approach” with a focus on policy and experience in the workplace.
  • We are a member of the WeConnect network which allows big corporations to do business with Women-owned businesses.

We create better partnerships, shape more productive teams, and implement processes that are built to last. Meaning better business for everyone.

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