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Our approach to data and analytics is simple – we tell you something you didn’t know
that quickly converts into more informed business decisions.

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Our Data and Analytics Service

Our team consists of experienced, entrepreneurial procurement leaders who have led and transformed global procurement functions and service provider organisations.

As former buyers of procurement consulting, we were frustrated by a lack of end-to-end insight and practical experience. We decided to become the solution to the problem by offering a solution that goes beyond procurement alone.

We believe that data and analytics are at the very heart of business success. By understanding what your company spends and why, we can devise strategies and solutions which accelerate business growth, and ensure your business continues to thrive long term.

Procurement analytics is the process of analysing spend data to provide a
snapshot of how, what and where money is being spent and how this information
can be used to drive business decisions and drive enterprise-wide value.

Often organisations have invested in technology to consolidate global spend and supplier data with nice charts and graphs, however technology alone is inadequate, and true benefit is only derived when context and intelligent experienced insights are applied.

The data that is analysed can range from historic procurement spend through to advanced analytics which are used to predict cash flow, budget for future decisions, or improve business performance. Data-driven decisions ensure that purchasing decisions and supplier relationships are managed more effectively.

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How Accelerate can help with Procurement Analytics

Using your spend analytics data, we have devised a comprehensive model for analysing and providing strategic, tangible changes that can be easily implemented. The insights that we derive from data can influence key business areas such as:

Category Insights

Supplier Rationalisation

Savings Potential

Working Capital Optimisation

Forex Exposure

Risk Mitigation

Our model is designed to make our client’s lives easier. We will analyse your
data and devise strategies to build and adapt strategies creating a more
knowledgeable and sustainable procurement approach.

Inspiring change, built to last

At Accelerate, we champion longevity and legacy. It’s not just about the bottom line: we help build happier, more productive teams, and implement processes that are built to last.

We work with our clients to ‘future-proof’ their business so that they continue to grow and thrive. We never leave our clients with just a theoretical process: instead we leave behind learnings, knowledge, and a path to go forwards. Our methods ensure we enhance an organisation’s capabilities for the long-term.

What we deliver

We deliver rapid results hardcoded to business outcomes – transformation delivered, savings secured, risk mitigated, value added.

We offer dynamic delivery models which you can ‘dial up or down’ according to your needs and priorities: consulting, delivery, managed services and subscriptions. Please get in touch with us to discuss the best model to suit your requirements.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Accelerate today for a friendly chat.