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Why Support is Required

The global BPO market is undergoing rapid change as digital solutions emerge to replace the traditional off-shore labour model.

Going digital can also be an overwhelming and complex experience for many organisations and this requires even more intelligent scoping of services, partner selection and commercial modelling especially considering first generation outsourcing and internal experience isn’t typically well developed and this is where we can step in and support!

Our Unique Approach

We can support organisations across the end-to-end BPO spectrum, from advisory at the design stage to hands on creation of commercial modelling and contracting using our diagnostic to select the right model for your organisation.

We bring depth and breadth of market knowledge as individuals who have contracted with many outsourced providers as well as working for outsourced providers to improve the service they provide to their clients (we have played all roles: advisor, client, service provider). Our approach features:

Validating or creating the commercial strategy and business case

Supporting the RFP/RFS build and partner selection process

Building you contract and commercial model via our unique diagnostic and standard contract template

Optimising your current outsourcing contracts

Our model is designed to make our client’s lives easier.

We can manage and execute your BPO so that you don’t have to.

Our experience and knowledge means that BPO is delivered with ease, saving your company time and resources.

Building better partnerships

Meaningful partnerships are at the heart of everything we deliver. Our extensive network of contacts and the strong relationships we have fostered over a number of years allow us to orchestrate strategic partnerships that will elevate your business to a level you may not have thought possible.

What we deliver

We deliver rapid results hardcoded to business outcomes – transformation delivered, savings secured, risk mitigated, value added.

And it’s not just about the bottom line- we are proud to say that we deliver sustainable models, working with our clients to ‘future-proof’ their business so that they continue to grow and thrive. We implement processes that are built to last, and impart the knowledge of how to sustain them long-term.

We offer dynamic delivery models which you can ‘dial up or down’ according to your needs and priorities: consulting, delivery, managed services and subscriptions. Please get in touch with us to discuss the best model to suit your requirements.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Accelerate today for a friendly chat.