Our targeted supplier health check diagnostic optimises key relationships
resulting in improved outcomes for all parties.

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Our Relationship Health Check Diagnostic

Strategic supplier/client relationships are complex, multifaceted and are critical to how organisations deliver incredible results.

Despite good intentions at the outset of a new partnership, relationships require effort to stay on course, as it’s easy to lose sight of the multiple elements that drive success. Over time some relationships end up with both parties frustrated – and that translates into inefficiencies, lost value, and in some cases dispute, conflict and exit.

How we Build Better Relationships

Our approach is simple but holistic, grounded in operational reality and delivered by people that have lived and breathed these key relationships (from both sides) over many years.

At the heart of our approach is a 4-pillar supplier healthcare diagnostic that assesses the current operational, commercial, culture and capabilities of both parties to provide areas of improvement that results in our clients and suppliers building more meaningful partnerships.





Our methodology also ensures that the supplier is appropriately structured to access and deliver significant and sustained outcomes e.g. innovation, revenue growth, cost, and risk.

We have created a ‘lite’ version of our supplier relationship diagnostic tool to let you perform your own high level assessment of the health of your supplier relationships.

We selected 50 representative questions from the full question set across the four pillars; operational, commercial, culture and capabilities. Click on the button below, answer the questions by selecting a response from a dropdown list and the inbuilt algorithms will assess your responses and present you with a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating for each pillar. We recommend you answer the questions honestly to highlight areas for improvement and identify serious issues that need to be addressed.

Supplier relationship diagnostic tool

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