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We support M&A teams in optimising value return, helping your
business to grow and thrive.

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Our Mergers and Acquisitions Service

Whilst our background is in procurement, our work goes
beyond procurement alone to positively impact all areas of your business and help it to realise its
full potential.

Our team consists of experienced, entrepreneurial procurement leaders who have led and transformed global procurement functions and service provider organisations.
As former buyers of procurement consulting, we were frustrated by a lack of end-to-end insight and practical experience.

We decided to become the solution to the problem. We offer relevant services across the entire procurement operating model to deliver your business outcomes.

How Accelerate can help with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our model helps us to engage with business development and M&A teams within an organisation to qualify potential acquisitions/divestments and optimise value return.

Accelerate can support through all stages of activity, including:

Due diligence

Synergy identification and prioritization

Integration planning/execution

Accelerated synergy realization

For Private Equity, our model supports profitability through portfolio companies (single or aggregated), with potential to increase investment opportunities/success ratio.

We can assist extended revenue streams​ by supporting the procurement processes and practices.

Inspiring change, built to last

At Accelerate, we champion longevity and legacy. We help build happier, more productive teams, and implement processes that are built to last.

We work with our clients to ‘future-proof’ their business so that they continue to grow and thrive. We never leave our clients with just a theoretical process: instead we leave behind learnings, knowledge, and a path to go forwards. Our methods ensure we enhance an organisation’s capabilities for the long-term.

What we deliver

We deliver rapid results hardcoded to business outcomes – transformation delivered, savings secured, risk mitigated, value added.

We offer dynamic delivery models which you can ‘dial up or down’ according to your needs and priorities: consulting, delivery, managed services and subscriptions. Please get in touch with us to discuss the best model to suit your requirements.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Accelerate today for a friendly chat.